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Burlesque Travel Diary

Here my Burlesque Blog starts! WHOOOHOOO!!!

Hey there! I start here my Burlesque Travel Diary.  

In these years, I wrote a lot about my Burlesque experiences and Burlesque travels, so I just said myself, "Why don't to publish something for people and share information about the Burlesque world?".

I'm italian but I write in (italianized) English, so if you want to laugh about a little broken English, this is the blog to follow! ;-)

A lot of people approached Burlesque in these years, someone with the goal of becoming a performer, someone for discovering how much sexy the life can be, and having fun.
Women, men, artists or not, Burlesque intrigued all!

During my burlesque courses, I have seen a lot of people to change lesson after lesson. The majority of participants are women, age from 20 to 60, statistically they work fulltime and the type of job is various: go go dancer, employee, nurse, teacher, shop assistant, housewife, agent.
Someone is already performer. The majority comes to my Burlesque courses because they want to discover better the Burlesque world and to improve their self confidence. Burlesque is not the magic wand, but helps in this way.

During the first lesson, they usually stay behind, far from the mirror which is in front of them. 2nd lesson they smile more in front of the mirror, they follow my movements with concentration and they watch in the mirror but not in their eyes. 3rd lesson they often come to the dance school with a new simple corset, new heels, they start to watch at their eyes and face when they dance in front of the mirror.

I will use this blog to tell you some secrets from the stage and tips taken from my courses.
I hope they will be useful, and of course, I hope to make you smile with my English! ;D

Titì la Noire

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