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You can be a pro performer or a newbie, a burlesque student or simply doing burlesque in private, for yourself. But, JUST DO IT! ;-)   Here 5 reasons for doing burlesque!

1.BECAUSE BURLESQUE IS LIKE A MEDICINE. Doing burlesque you MUST be concentrated on what you are doing, you MUST be in the present, you MUST think to the choreography, to the movements of your body, so there's not space for bad thoughts. This is a beautiful way to connect with your soul.

2.BECAUSE WITH BURLESQUE YOU CAN DEVELOP YOUR TALENTS. If you are good at dancing, or mime, or  at seducing, put in your acts what you can do. What was your dream, when you was a child? On stage impossible is nothing:  you can turn yourself into a pilot, a queen, a doctor...a fairy, a witch, a serpent, a wolf...you can be your favourite actress, a diva, a historical figure...you can be who you want, because if you imagine, you create.

3.BECAUSE BURLESQUE GENERATES SMILE. If you put in burlesque your ironic soul, you can smile about the life, about the sex, about politic, about all. If you also make people smile when you perform, you create a beautiful movement of energy. Adrenaline is contagious (and this is not a mystical thesis, it is physical)!

4.BECAUSE BURLESQUE IS "THINKING INDEPENDENT". Today's society wants people classified with labels:  the woman manager, the perfect wife and mother , the single , the multitasking . But if we had wanted to be labeled, we would be born in a supermarket, not in a bed (or flying with a stork). Burlesque breaks the concept of "object woman", and promotes a "subject woman" who decides how to perform, who to be, when and when to change, she knows the patience of practicing and the art of improvisation, and she knows how to laugh about who she decides to be. Burlesque ladies are rebels with glitter!

5.BECAUSE BURLESQUE IS SEXY.  How do you feel when you feel yourself sexy? Happy! First of dress, parfum, make up, hairstyle, there's you. Only you, and your way to move.  Burlesque makes you feel sexy, even when you're in your pink pajamas and no makeup!

Thank you for reading this post, and now....do you want to share in comments which is your special reason to do burlesque?

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Sana May on venerdì 19 febbraio 2016 09:44
The reason why I started burlesque was to have fun with a friend, as I enjoyed so much a burlesque show I saw one year before. After a couple of month it turned out to be a medicin, giving me a new passion / hobby which gave me new friends, and reasons to leave my couch and the tv (actually since then, I don't watch tv at all anymore!) And now that I did several showcases, it is really the pleasure to see people smiling which makes me happy. And making them laugh or happy doing something I want to do, the way I want to do is priceless! And well, I always loved to see human bodies, of any shape, size, color or gender, so it was impossible that I don't fall in love with this art form ;) I agree with you when you say that everyone should do burlesque at least for him/herself: my boyfriend seemsto enjoy a lot feeling sexy and happy when dancing in the living room...;)
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