Titì La Noire -  Burlesque and Fire performer

Titì La Noire is a Burlesque, Dark Cabaret and Fire Dance performer based in Milan.

In 2008 she jumped into the magic world of Burlesque and in 2010 into the exciting Variety shows system, performing and producing shows by her own.

She performed in Italy, U.S.A, England, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland.

Since 2013 she’s the official Burlesque teacher and Fire Dance personal coach at Marina Nour Dance School in Milan, and she collaborates with other italian dance schools, such as Sensual Saidi Academy.

She appeared on italian TV (on TV channels Mediaset and RAI channels) as model and performer.  
Also as Fire Eater in many music videoclips such as in “Till the stars come out” by Estello ft. Pitbull.  
Other music videos where she appears are songs by Red Sky, MilanoNord, Ibrida Record.

She’s author of various novels such as “Surreale”, read on Lifegate Radio in 2010, and articles about milanese culture and women’s empowerment themes.
In 2018 her first book will be published.
She’s been also model for photography, events and catwalks for 9 years, beauty contests winner (Miss Miluna at Miss Italia reg contest is the main), street mime (read Noirette).
She performed in amazing location in Italy and abroad, here some of them:

Naughty Little Cabaret, Chicago
Kiki Maroon’s Warehouse Live, Houston
The Admiral, Glasgow
The Spare Rib Cabaret, Liverpool
The Venue, Perth
10A, Sheffield
Teatro di Chiasso, Switzerland
Festival de Gracia, Spain

In Italy: Teatro San Giuseppe, Teatro Manzoni, Teatro Delfino, Teatro Barrios, Anfiteatro Martesana, Maison Milano, FIAT Executive Lounge, Ca’ Bianca Cabaret, Rock n Roll, Zoe, Caffè Motta Duomo, Jazz Café. Teatrino degli Illusi in Bologna, Piazza Ducale in Vigevano, Arena Daturi in Piacenza, Zavattarello Castle.
In fairs as Fiera Eicma, Micam, Host, Vintage Rockin’T Park, Nautica Nazionale di Jesolo.

She performed also in events for Land Rover, Harley Davidson, and in collaboration with Zelig Lab for the show “La Painteguanne Noire”.  

She produced  variety shows and events, here the main:
  • Arkane project, mystic and shamanic vibes show. Fire Dance on live music played by didgeridoo and percussions musicians.
  • Vecchia Milano Varietà, variety show inspired by the old atmosphere of the 1970’s milanese cabaret.
  • Fashion Friday Show, fashion catwalk with performance, during Fashion Week.
  • Il Giro del Mondo in 80 Minuti, burlesque and variety show based on burly styles from all over the world, in collaboration with the duo Noir Champagne and Gilda.
  • Salotto Burlesque, burlesque show with art vernissage, in collaboration with the duo Noir Champagne.

In festivals as “The Artists Nest” in Viareggio, and “Burlesque Factor” by Micca in Rome.


1998 Modern and bellydance courses

2006 Acting courses. First performance at Theatre San Giuseppe in Milan as “the young rebel Linda” in the comedy “Le Cognate” by Michel Tremblay, later as “the lover Ermengarde” in the comedy “Hello Dolly!” by Thornton Wilder

2008 Started juggling with fire in street. Creation of the mime character Noirette

2011 Clownerie course at the National Circus School of Milan, defining better Noirette mime character

2013 Exotic and gypsy dance courses. Art of Catwalking workshops with a professional coach

2017 Master degree in History of art and Art Critic

2008 Started Titì La Noire's Burlesque life, studying in the Burlesque academy of Milan. Workshops with international Burlesque queens, the first one with Angie Pontani. Started to perform burlesque.

2010 Officially started public shows, solo and also in a burlesque duo called Noir Champagne

2010 to 2016 Performed in many events and locations in Italy: burlesque and cabaret nights, jazz/classic/rock/metal concerts, clubs, restaurants, theatres, parties, dinners, marriages, catwalks, art expo, festivals.Worked with musicians, singers, orchestras, dancers, performers, comedians, actors, jugglers, photographers, agencies of entertainment and agencies of management. 

Also touring shows, as performer, as creator and art director.
2014-2017 Created Arkane project, Vecchia Milano Varietà project, Fashion Friday Show project.

Started to teach Burlesque in 2012 in The Theatre Club in Milan.
In 2013, started a great collaboration with Marina Nour's Dance School in Milan, teaching Burlesque ("working on attitude" method) and Fire Dance ("Shamanism approach" method).
In 2017, started an amazing collaboration with Sensual Saidi Academy in Magenta, close to Milan city.

As performer, Titì La Noire's main goal is continuing to experience her Burly life, travelling and meeting other burlesque scenes in the world.
As burlesque and fire art coach, her goal is continuing to express and share her passion for Burlesque and for the art of Fire dancing.

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