Titì Lanoire -  Burlesque and Fire performer

the mime Noirette

The mime Noirette was born from mom Titì La Noire, the atmosphere of its acts is ever surreal, ironic and decadent at the same time, inspired by the bizarre characters invented by Tim Burton.
  Romantic but provocative, Noirette's character is       ever ready to joke with its audience, inventing          surprises and creating magic and oniric worlds.

* Noirette acts*
Noirette and the box
What a hard work to open the box! Can Noirette discover what there is inside??
Noirette and the fire elfs
Noirette will try to tame the spiteful fire elfs...a battle that will turn into a great fire show!

Noirette Lunaire
Tribute to Pierrot, the most fascinating lunar figure ever.